Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gold Picture Frames - Elegant and Unique

While framing pictures to be put up on walls, study tables and office desks, we need to take some time before we pick just any frame. This is because the overall beauty of the picture and the importance that we attach to it depends greatly on frames that we choose. Thus, if you want to give some very special moments a very high status in your life, or dignify them with a special grace, you will need to make some very careful choices. It is totally worth the effort, because these are those golden moments in your life, which changed something inside you. These are those people, who have played a very important role in shaping your life and personality.

Essence of classic memories

Thus, gold frames are the ideal choice from framing pictures of parents, grandparents, special family members and so on. Some people even prefer to frame their degrees, or special newspaper cut- outs that carry subtleties of certain moments of fame in such frames. These frames give a very elegant and classic touch to the entire picture. They are able to make even the most ordinary pictures look very extraordinary with their elegant grace and beauty. This is why it is very good to use these to frame degrees and cut outs. These gold picture frames are able to absorb the natural dullness of paper, and make the onlookers feel that this is something which is a very important part of your life.

Options with gold frames

The additional advantages of a large gold frame are that it is available in plenty of exciting designs. You can get frames that have a wonderful antique look, or go for something which is much simpler. The simple frames could be used for pictures which have a large amount of content in them, and which have some very bright colours. You can go all out on the design of the frame, when the picture itself is very simple or plain. These frames are thus the ideal choices for framing old, black and white pictures. They can make even faded pictures look extremely beautiful and amazing.

Glorified memories

Thus, you must get these frames for your home at once. There are also plenty of antique designs available. If you are willing to spend, then there are also frames available in solid gold or with at least some part of the designs in solid gold. These frames help you to give the kind of respect and glory to those special memories in a way nothing else can. These memories have to be treated specially, since a social networking website seems too little and low for them. Your golden frames can be obtained either through direct purchasing in a store, or even from an online store.

For more information on gold frames, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the gold picture frames!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Photo Frames: To Beautify and Protect Your Photos

Framing a photo not only gives it a pretty look but also acts as a protector from outside elements. Therefore, if you were under the impression that Photo Frames act as a beautifying accessory, then you are right but also add its role as a protector. Therefore, a frame has the dual responsibility of "beautifying" and "protecting" a photo. It plays an important role of preserving your photo for a longtime while adding to its beauty. That is why you will find old photographs are neatly framed and hanged onto the walls for many years; probably you must be still giving some old photographs of your grandparents hanging from the wall in your house.

Chances are that most of the photographs of your grandparents and, maybe, even your parents are neatly framed with transparent mirror on the face of it and hanged on the wall of your house. Some of the photographs are so neatly done that they reflect the artwork that went into making the frames of the photos. There are postcard sizes or larger frames that can be used for framing photos. Photos Frames of various sizes and shapes can be framed. You can either hang them on the wall or keep in some places as a decorating accessory.

You will get them in various shapes, sizes and even customs made. Visit your local framers and probably you will get the frames that you want. If still you do not get the exact frame, you want you can also order him to make. The local framer will make it for you but he will charge little higher if you ask him to customs made. However, if you want ready made you should visit other local framers and you might get what you want.

You will also get them made of different materials. In the olden days they were made exclusively with wood, but today you will get frames made of steel, wood and plastic. You can also get photo-frames in different colors- black, gold, silver, white and others. As making them is a big business, you will get quality of them and some of them are even imported quality. There are different photo frames companies that specialize in manufacturing them and even exporting it outside their country.

Making them is a work of art. In olden days, wooden photo frames were exquisitely carved by woodcraft artists, which looked unique and beautiful. Even today, we still have wooden artists who specialize in making image holders for different companies. With the advancement of technology, they can also be designed by computer and you can even personalize it on your desktop. Most of these companies take an advantage of the technology and designs their image holders in computers. Remember you can also order them online

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Magic of Black Picture Frames

Perhaps one of the most difficult things in the world, and the most impossible, is to capture time. Yet, this is something which we humans will never stop doing. It is for these reasons why we always take pictures of certain special moments in our lives, and then feel the need to give the pictures a special place in our surroundings, so that we can always look at them occasionally, and relive those special moments. These moments are not ordinary ones. They are special because they have a very significant role to play in defining who we are. Thus, they need to be treated as such, and we must give them proper respect. This also applies to special people in our lives, who have played a very important role, and who our heart will always cherish more than the others.

Black frames

Black picture frames are the perfect ways of achieving this. These frames are now available in some truly exotic designs, and at a very cheap rate. The main reason why such picture frames are becoming so cheap these days is because the makers are facing intense competition from digital pictures, frames and social networking sites. Yet, we still purchase them, because the charm of a framed picture on a table or on a wall can never be matched with something on a networking site. Websites feel very virtual to us, because we cannot touch and feel them. On the other hand, pictures on tables can be stared at, held lovingly and respected.

Types of frames

A black picture frame can be purchased in various types. You can get simple wooden or plastic frames in some pretty cute designs for simple pictures, or those bearing the pictures of special people. They have a very quaint charm, and can be used to set up anywhere. If you want something more special, you can opt for metallic frames, or ornate ones with heavy intricate designs. These may also be available in paper Mache or other miscellaneous varieties. You can select from a huge variety, depending on your budget, and the importance of what you want to frame.

Selecting a frame

While selecting a frame, you must always keep in mind that advantage these black frames offer. They go with almost any kind of interior, and will never look odd or misplaced. Thus, if you are someone who will keep changing your location, or will always want to keep renovating the place, you can go for these frames, since they will always look very beautiful and in place. The style quotient of these frames is also something that cannot be ignored. These frames are the epitome of dignity and grace, and can make even the most jaded pictures look very surreal.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Photo Frames: Give Craftsmanship A Fillip

Photo Frames are the work of art. They have provided craftsmen gainful employment as they are in demand for different photo studios or even traders who supply them to many outlets. They serve dual purpose of protecting the photograph and also giving photos the style and grace they need. The frames can be used either for a photograph or for a painting. We are not sure about its origin but needless to say photo-frames have performed a great function of not only decorating photographs but also of protecting them for many years. Frames are used for framing photographs since ancient times and the art of making photo-frames have evolved into a craftsmanship.

The most commonly used frames have been wooden frames. Wooden frames were the favoured ones in the olden days and you will find that most of the old photographs in your house or even at your friend's house are made of wood. Even the rich and famous used wooden image holders as they were the most commonly available frames and you would also get them in different shapes, sizes and textures. Photo studios all over the world had ready-made frames in their studios for sale. The photo-frames were of various shapes and sizes to fit the photographs. It is more likely that you would get black and white photograph in a wooden frame.

They also spawned whole lots of craftsmen. The craftsmen specialised in making various shapes, sizes and texture. Making of an image holder is also considered a craft. It, therefore, encouraged frame craftsmanship in many countries including India. However, today wooden photo holders are rarely found as other materials have overtaken this material. Today, most of the studios sell picture frames made of steel, plastics or even other materials. But, the classical wooden frames are still available in some of the studios.

If we do not talk about the Indian origin frames, then the story of photo folders will remain incomplete. The Indian royalty was known to encourage making of an artistically and stylish picture frames. The craftsmen perfected the art of making that was not only beautiful but also reflected their talent for carving. It symbolized the grace of Indian art and crafts.

The ones of the Indian royalty, displayed in some of the museums and galleries in India look elegant having beautiful etched designs with carved, inlaid, varnished or hand-painted borders. They make for a favourite gift items given on occasion like Valentine Day, Wedding, Birthday and anniversary. Taking advantage of the market need of photo frames many people over the world have taken to manufacturing and importing them abroad. It has also encouraged this craftsmanship and has given a fillip to this particular industry.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Tips To Get Perfect Photo Framing Done

Photos if captured and framed properly can help one relive every single moment of one's life. We all are very busy running the race of life and it has seriously very difficult for any of us to take out some time and enjoy the little incidents which makes our life so special and the only way to hold back these moments are capturing these moments in reel. Photos are a real companion in lonely times, an emotional boost in happier times. Pictures along with appropriate frames really bring the picture to life and can speak thousand words silently.

Perfect photo framing is definitely an art not practiced by many and one who can master this art has made it. Here come certain tips to get a perfect photo framing done. First of all choose the perfect frame for the picture depending on the size of the picture. Some picture will look good in good photo frames while others will look better in small photo frames. Certainly a group photo or family picture will not look good in a small photo frame. Similarly a small baby's single picture will not look good in a small photo frame. Next, the color of the background wall where the photo is to be mounted matters a lot. If the background is light colored and the frame is extremely dark colored it does not look attractive, moreover the texture of the frame, its material also matters a lot. A metal frame on a wall with a wooden look will not at all look good. These little things have to be taken care of. Always remember the price of the frame should not be the only deciding factor or the brand or the shop from which it is brought should not be of prime importance, the most important factor is to give the photo a real look so as to bring life within it and this should always be kept in mind while framing a picture. Often if a wrong frame is chosen for a beautiful picture the entire feel of the picture goes for a toss, it is entirely spoilt. Pictures, when taken are taken with a lot of thoughts in mind and it is always coveted that whenever we see the picture those old times should be fresh in our mind, but a wrong frame can just waste the entire effort and dream. To avoid such situations, extreme care should be taken while selecting a frame for any picture, be it the first time when a child walks, or one's first birthday celebration, marriage ceremony or first parenthood photo frames should be just the perfect one, worth these joyous moment of life.

Once gone, time never rewinds, pictures are the only thing which can keep these moments constant and fresh in our minds. To frame these moments in the perfect frame definitely requires some patience and time, but once done perfectly these are some of the most treasured possessions in life, some timeless treasures which makes our lives worth it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Framed Pictures - Let Your Memories Be Vivid Forever

Just like the fence outside your house, a picture frame protects some of the greatest treasures of your family - your family pictures. A little care will help you keep these treasures well protected and they will keep looking brilliant for several years to come. Here are two excellent steps to help you care for your photos.

Clean the Frames Regularly

Cleaning the photo frame regularly is one simple way to make them last long. The picture frame just like any other object in your house collects dust. If the frame is not cleaned regularly, more dust will get accumulated and will work all the way to the inside of the picture frame and will leave both the frame and the picture looking dirty.

To reduce the dust build up, you should simply dust the frame regularly with a damp cloth. In case your picture frame has been neglected a little, you will have to do more meticulous job. You have to remove the glass and also the picture to clean the frame completely. In order to clean the photo frame, completely, you should begin by laying it face down on a soft, thick towel. However, remember never to keep your precious frame, like a sterling silver picture frame on the front side, always keep something to protect it. The last thing you would want is a scratched frame when you sit to clean it.

Once the frame is opened remove the picture with care and then clean the glass and the picture meticulously. Try using a cloth to clean the glass since the paper towels might leave acid residue behind which is potentially dangerous for the pictures.

After you are done cleaning put the picture back in the frame only after it dries completely. Any little bit of moisture might damage the frame as well as the picture.

Reproduce the One-of-a-Kind Pieces

Even though the modern technology has increased a lot these days there is still no substitute for caring of your priceless memories is by making duplicating them. Let us consider your wedding photo; probably clicked by your photographer. It now proudly sits in a perfect sterling silver picture frame on your gallery wall, however if you have only one copy of the picture, then you should have another copy of it without delay.

Some extremely delicate old photographs need to be professionally duplicated. For pictures present in your discs make a backup in case the disc gets damage or corrupted. Never keep the copies in the same place. Keep them at a safe and secure place.

In case of accidents, like fires, floods and other catastrophes, although insurance will cover the physical cost of every single item, but you will lose them forever. Ensure that you store a copy of the duplicate photos in a safe and dry location away from your home as well.

If you follow the simple tips stated above you will be able to keep your picture frame looking beautiful for several years to come.

For more information on photo frames, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the clip frames!